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  • Version: (previously Dyson) 2.04

Unusual game of supremacy in a strange universe

Eufloria is a relaxing, abstract strategy game set in a universe where strange plant lifeforms battle, quietly, for supremacy. This IGF Finalist game has become a little less abstract since its early release as Dyson, but it's still a hypnotically addictive experience

You control seedlings and the asteroids they have colonized, and the aim of the game is to colonize every asteroid in each area. Each level has a cluster of asteroids, in 2D, which you can scroll around an zoom into. Your seedlings fly around the asteroids, and you can order them to colonize new ones, if they are within a certain distance from home. Ten seedlings can create a Dyson tree, which will make new seedlings. There are competing colonies of seedlings, and it's necessary to destroy them all to beat the game.

Eufloria's controls are uncomplicated, using left and right click with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the screen. On the asteroids you can choose whether to grow defensive trees or 'Dyson' trees that create more seedlings. It's necessary to get the balance right, as aggressive seedling colonies will attack you periodically, but you'll also need a ready supply of seedlings to expand your sphere of influence. Different asteroids will grow seedlings with differing characteristics, so you can choose where to concentrate on growing them, as it can make a difference in a battle.

Eufloria's graphics are minimal, modern and cool - they would make good wallpaper - and the game as a whole has a very abstract feel to it. The music is a wash of warm ambiance, and the sound of the activity on the asteroids comes and goes as you zoom in to watch them. The effect is very hypnotic, although it does sometimes become a little frantic.

Eufloria is reminiscent more of an interactive art work than a game; compared to most strategy games it is extremely simple. However, the effect of the visuals and the gently sounds make it pleasantly immersive, and you soon get drawn into the weird world.

Eufloria is a weird, abstract and hypnotic game you won't forget


  • Easy to learn
  • Relaxing pace
  • Addictive


  • Limited controls
  • Maybe too abstract for some


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Eufloria (previously Dyson) 2.04 for PC


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